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Aries helps Pisces bring their fantasies into reality. Jupiter lets Pisces help Aries tone down their overt style of operation. Though these opposite elements can sometimes create trouble for one another Fire makes Water evaporate, Water douses Fire.

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This is an effective lesson for Pisces, who definitely has the brain power to figure out which risks are good ones to take and which are best left alone. Aries and Pisces must simply negotiate to ensure their balance is maintained. Together these two Signs can achieve a positive end to any project they decide to undertake. They really have a lot to learn from each other.

Pisces shows Aries how to empathize and care; Aries teaches Pisces how to make dreams happen rather than just thinking about it! Theirs is a truly reciprocal relationship. When Neptune was discovered in recent times, it was attached to this sign.


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The pairing of these two heavenly bodies results in some unique energies being directed toward the sign of Pisces here on Earth. Those born under this astrology sign are spiritually oriented and charitable.

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At times, however, Pisceans can have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy; they tend to get caught up in their dreams and views of how things should be. The element associated with Pisces is water.

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Those born under this zodiac sign easily relate to the emotional and unpredictable nature of this liquid gold. Pisces feel a great deal, and they also feel misunderstood much of the time. Yes, they could cry you a river if the circumstances were right. Even so, the Pisces personality revels in its compassionate and imaginative nature and loves to cater to others. At times like this, Pisces would be wise to take time for themselves, the better to find their center once again.

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Many Pisces also immerse themselves in the arts and other creative pursuits as a centering mechanism, and they are quite talented in these areas. Those of the Pisces horoscope sign alternate between reality and non-reality in keeping with their introspective natures; their voyage between consciousness and an unconscious dream state says much about their intuitive, almost psychic natures.

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You are truly willing to do anything for anyone, whether they are a life-long friend or a recent acquaintance. Similar to a flowing stream, water allows your words to be adaptable and fluid. When you, or someone you hold dear is experiencing strong waves of emotion, you have the ability to gain understanding.

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Embracing the positive influence of water will help you to develop into an even more compassionate human being. Neptune, being the planet of refinement, is responsible for your vision and compassion, but it is the Moon, the planet of reaction, that be given credit for your psychic-like intuition, sensitivity and nurturing qualities. More so than any of the Pisces Decans, you are emotional and sensitive.