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If they don't respect their partner enough, they will find another one, and as many of them as needed to make their heart feel whole. The whole matter of Mercury comes to light here, and they really need someone to talk to and share their inner world with, instead of a series of meaningless encounters based on their instincts. Some of them will understand this while still children, others won't for years to come.

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They need a partner with heightened intellectual abilities, someone they work with and share everyday life with. Overthinking might abruptly change their plans and distance them from true intimacy.

Born on the Pisces-Aries Cusp

It is the most important thing to not ever let their fears get in the way of emotional closeness and love. Everyone born on March 25th excels in some form of self-expression through words. They will be good with paperwork, the law and driving, as well as all forms of writing or journalism.


The sense of adventure they seek is seen in some dangerous activities, but they aren't always in sync with their heart. More sensitive than they'd like to admit, they allow their need for home to take the best of them one too many times. To truly excel in anything they do, their support comes from the world of family relationships and warm, cuddly emotions of home.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

The stone that a person born on the 25th of March should always have in their collection is blue spinel. It is a crystal often mistaken for ruby, sapphires and tanzanite, and carries the ability to clarify one's thoughts and creative ideas. It helps rejuvenation of anything that has been damaged by the passing of time and reminds us of the youthful child we carry within.

The right birthday gift for a person born on the 24th of March is a book on something close to their heart. They are in no way superficial, but often need some superficial literature to keep them informed while at the same time helping release the tension from their preoccupied mind.


On the other hand, they are practical enough to understand the value of things they can use every day, and for as long as you give a personal touch to the present you choose, you cannot get it wrong. Smart and fast, always ready for a new adventure, they are humorous, good with words and understanding much more than they might believe they do. Chat Now! Angel Communication, I am an experienced reader. I have a high sensitivity of the Get in-depth insight into this pairing with a Love Compatibility report.

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