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In the s and s, The Sun began cutting back its foreign coverage. In and , closed its Tokyo , Mexico City and Berlin bureaus. In the 21st century, The Sun , like most legacy newspapers in the United States, has suffered a number of setbacks in the competition with Internet and other sources, including a decline in readership and ads, a shrinking newsroom staff, [11] and competition in from The Baltimore Examiner , a free daily that lasted two years to , along with a similar Washington publication of a small chain recently started by new owners that took over the old Hearst flagship paper, the San Francisco Examiner.


I, it transferred its newspapers, including The Sun, to Tribune Publishing. On September 19, , and again on August 24, , The Baltimore Sun as the paper now titled itself, introduced new layout designs.

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On April 29, , the Tribune Company announced that it would lay off 61 of the staff members in the Sun newsroom. The Baltimore Sun is the flagship of the Baltimore Sun Media Group, which also produces the b free daily newspaper and more than 30 other Baltimore metropolitan-area community newspapers, magazines and Web sites. Although there is now only a morning edition, for many years there were two distinct newspapers— The Sun in the morning and The Evening Sun in the afternoon— each with its own separate reporting and editorial staff.

The Evening Sun was first published in under the leadership of Charles H. Grasty , former owner of the Evening News , and a firm believer in the evening circulation. For most of its existence, The Evening Sun led its morning sibling in circulation. In , the afternoon edition's circulation was ,, compared to , for the morning edition. After a period of roughly a year during which the paper's owners sometimes printed a two-section product, The Baltimore Sun now has three sections every weekday: News, Sports and alternating various business and features sections.

On some days, comics and such features as the horoscope and TV listings are printed in the back of the Sports section.

After dropping the standalone business section in , The Sun brought back a business section on Tuesdays and Sundays in , with business pages occupying part of the news section on other days. The Sunday Sun for many years was noted for a locally produced rotogravure Maryland pictorial magazine section, featuring works by such acclaimed photographers as A.

Aubrey Bodine. A quarterly version of the Sun Magazine [23] was resurrected in September , with stories that included a comparison of young local doctors, an interview with actress Julie Bowen and a feature on the homes of a former Baltimore anchorwoman. Newsroom managers plan to add online content on a more frequent basis.

The company introduced its Web site in September A redesign of the site was unveiled in June , capping a six-month period of record online traffic. Each month from January through June, an average of 3. Sun reporters and editors produce more than three dozen blogs on such subjects as technology, weather, education, politics, Baltimore crime, real estate, gardening, pets and parenting.

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A Baltimore Sun iPhone app was released September 14, In , in response to the European cookie law, baltimoresun. In , the Baltimore Sun Media Group launched the daily paper b to target younger and more casual readers, ages 18 to It was in tabloid format, with large graphics, creative design, and humor in focusing on entertainment, news, and sports.

Its companion website was bthesite. The Baltimore Sun has been home to some of the best American writers, including reporter, essayist, and language scholar H. Mencken , who enjoyed a forty-plus-year association with the paper. Johnson , Kevin P. A five-story structure, at the corner of Baltimore and South streets, was built in In , the operation was moved to a larger, modern plant at Calvert and Centre streets.

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In , ground was broken for a new addition to the Calvert Street plant to house modern pressroom facilities. The new facility commenced operations in The new building houses a satellite printing and packaging facility, as well as the distribution operation. To keep pace with the speed of the presses and Automated Guided Vehicles; "intelligent" electronic forklifts deliver the newsprint to the presses. The Baltimore Sun was featured in the American crime drama television series The Wire in season 5 , which was created by former Sun reporter David Simon.

Like all of the institutions featured in The Wire , the Sun is portrayed as having many deeply dysfunctional qualities while also having very dedicated people on its staff. The season focuses on the role of the media in affecting political decisions in City Hall and the priorities of the Baltimore Police Department.

Additionally, the show explores the business pressures of modern media through layoffs and buyouts occurring at the Sun , on the orders of the Tribune Company , the Sun ' s corporate owner. One storyline involves a troubled Sun reporter named Scott Templeton , and his escalating tendency to sensationalize and falsify stories. The Wire portrays the managing editors of the Sun as turning a blind eye to the protests of a concerned line editor, in the managing editors' zeal to win a Pulitzer Prize.

The show insinuates that the motivation for this institutional dysfunction is the business pressures of modern media, and working for a flagship newspaper in a major media market like The New York Times or The Washington Post is seen as the only way to avoid the cutbacks occurring at the Sun. Season 5 was The Wire ' s last. The finale episode, " ", features a montage at the end portraying the ultimate fate of the major characters.

It shows Templeton at Columbia University with the senior editors of the fictional Sun , accepting the Pulitzer Prize, with no mention being made as to the aftermath of Templeton's career.

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Alma Gutierrez is shown being exiled to the Carroll County bureau past the suburbs. WJZ promotes Baltimore Sun stories in its news broadcasts. The Sun promotes WJZ's stories and weather team on its pages. News Dallas Morning News. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Baltimore Sun. Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved March 24, Archived from the original on October 20, Thomson Reuters. September 1, Archived from the original on July 10, Tell yourself to stand up. Achieve it. Then go for something a little bigger. LEO July Aug.

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