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Science is also about specialisation; read any typical PhD thesis to see how much can be written about a very very specific area and that by just one person. So if astrology were actually a science, horoscopes would end up being far more precise and far more specific. And that, if anything, would probably be a lot worse overall At the meal with your friends on Saturday, you will have lamb biryani, pilau rice, 4 poppadoms, a garlic naan and five Cobra beers.

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You will be late for work on Tuesday. The driver of your usual 39B bus Brian will be delayed after stopping for a furious argument with a taxi driver over who had the right of way at a T-junction. If you set off at a jog at 8.

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On your way through customs, you will be searched by security people who will take your honey. Your missing car-key? This last one is especially worrying, what with you being a woman who lives alone and has never had sex with anyone on the couch. Dat aint da way to impress employers lol.

Does Astrology Need to Be True? A Thirty-Year Update

Your financial situation could be improved drastically if you cut down on your coffee intake. On Thursday your company will conduct a surprise audit. You will be discovered to have been embezzling hundreds of thousands from your investment firm. Actually, the audit was last Thursday. I could have pre-warned you about it, but this way is a lot funnier.

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Saturday night will culminate in a blazing row with your wife, resulting in you spending at least three nights sleeping in the spare room. This can be avoided if you concede that she is in fact correct about every point of contention. Congratulations on your new job, but do be wary. Up a bit Ok, hold it She loves brandy.

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Good stuff though, not the supermarket rubbish. Astrological consulting in the area of business…15 Aug Astrological consulting in the area of business consulting — an empirical investigation into the applicability PhD thesis , University of Lincoln.

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Astrology and the Inquisition in -…Ana Avalos. Thesis submitted for assessment with a view to obtaining the degree of Astrology and the Inquisition in seventeenth-century New Spain. D Research Programmes -… Ph. D is a research degree courses based on the thesis work. He found that there was some.

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In his doctoral dissertation for Bath Spa University, entitled 'Prophecy,. There are so many? Paris-V a very thick pages dissertation titled Epistemological situation of the astrology. Nienhuys, can be found via the Zetetic website, as pdf -file. A double-blind test of astrology - Objective Astrology. Five copies of thesis with flexible cover along with soft copy PDF.. Press, Tucson, , http: Astrological consulting in the area of business consulting — an 15 Aug Astrological consulting in the area of business consulting — an empirical investigation into the applicability PhD thesis , University of Lincoln.